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Jo has given talks at various events, schools, universities, conferences, and workplaces. In her talks, Jo shares her journey through mental illness using her own experiences to stop the stigma as well as offering practical tips for maintaining good mental health and hope that recovery is possible. Her talks are always followed by a Question & Answer session.

Topics Jo has covered include:

Child & Teenage Mental Health; Social Media Boundaries; MENTAl health stigma; Avoiding Burnout; Maternal Mental Health; Wellness & Maintaining Good Mental Health; Juggling Social Media While Avoiding Burnout; Maternal Suicide Rates; Self Worth; Body Positivity; Digital Detoxing; Slowing Down;

and Living With…


Postnatal Depression


Dermatillomania (skin picking disorder in the OCD ‘Family”)

and much more….


 A small selection of where Jo has appeared…