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Jo runs an awesome community with Mary Badass Meadows called Badass Loves Life.

By women for women, to support ALL areas of our life.

We are not searching for work-life balance; we're creating it.

  • Feel like life is constantly running at 110mph?

  • Feeling stressed and overwhelmed at various points of the day/week?

  • No time for you?

Look no further! Join a source of community, inspiration, sharing, life-coaching resources and support for ALL women here.

  • A safe place online to encourage and empower you with all things

  • A space to learn quick tips, techniques and tools to support your everyday

  • A community of like-minded women to support each other

  • Build skills of self-confidence, resilience, self care

  • Gain an understanding of what nourishes you and supports your mental health

We serve up weekly doses of insight and learning, present exclusive weekly live streams of coaching and life advice helping you to bring the badass back into your life. An adventure in knowing how you work, and developing life skills that will leave you ready for the next curveball!