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Jo Love


Award Winning Mental Health Advocate


Who Is Jo Love

Jo Love is the Founder of Lobella Loves, and an award winning Mental Health Advocate, Speaker, Writer & Podcaster. She regularly speaks on issues such as mental health, maternal mental health, burnout, social media addiction and boundaries, OCD, depression, anxiety and much more. She is a Director of the Speakers Collective, an organisation ensuring mental health is discussed responsibly and safely .

She campaigns both on and offline to let others know it is ok not to be ok. Her current campaigns include #DepressionWearsLippy helping break down the stigma of what the ‘face’ of mental health looks like, as well as running the hugely successful Tea for PND events and campaigning to lower the current maternal suicide rate (which is the leading cause of death over the first year after pregnancy according to the MMBRACE-UK 2018 Confidential Enquiry into Maternal Deaths).

Jo regularly speaks, writes and hosts events on mental health. She is a mental health ambassador for various brands and organisations.

Jo is also a certified Mental Health First Aid England First Aider and Time to Change Mental Health Champion.

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Director of the Speakers Collective

To see more about our work, the charter and our pledge to ensure mental health is spoken about responsibly and safely click here


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“Jo’s delivery and style helps those struggling know they aren’t alone”

Fran Novack |  Delegate


It’s ok not to be ok


If you would like to enquire about Jo’s availability for any of the above, please use the contact form

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